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Ask your users anything

Get to know your users' needs and inner thoughts about you and your product, with this simple widget.

Widget documentation

Available JavaScript methods for extra control.

<script type="text/javascript">
  var _plr = [],
    baseUrl = 'https://pollr.net';
  _plr.push(['id', '123456789abcdef']);
  _plr.push(['baseUrl', baseUrl]);
  _plr.push(['apiVersion', 1]);

  (function() {
    var p = document.createElement('script'); p.type = 'text/javascript'; p.async = true;
    p.src = baseUrl + '/assets/widget.min.js';
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(p, s);


Place this script on your website.

  • Additional options can be added with
    _plr.push(['key', 'value'])
  • The widget adds a global variable for accessing the API with

Set callback.

_plr.push(['onOpen', function(api, state) { /* Do something */ }]);

Or set the callback programatically.

window.POLLR.api.widget.setCallback('onClose', function(api, state) { /* Do something */ });

Available callbacks

  • onInitialize
    runs once when the widget installs successfully.
  • onRender
    runs once when the widget renders the first time successfully.
  • onOpen
    runs every time you open the widget.
  • onClose
    runs every time you close the widget.
  • onMinimize
    runs every time you minimize the widget.
  • onMaximize
    runs every time you maximize the widget.
  • onAnswered
    runs when a user has completed answering the questions.
_plr.push(['...', function(api, state) {}]);

API is same as


The state object

{ done: true, visible: true, minimized: true, answered: true }

Callback function declarations

All callbacks get access to the api and the state object.

  • done
    true if the widget was installed successfully. false if there was a problem.
  • visible
    true if the widget is visible. false if it isn't.
  • minimized
    true if it is minimized. false if maximized.
  • answered
    true if a user has completed answering the questions.
<html class="pollr-widget--visible ... ...">


.pollr-widget--visible .another-element {
  display: none;

Helper classes

The widget adds a few CSS classes to your html tag. These can help you style certain parts of your website when the widget is visible.

  • pollr-widget--visible
    added when the widget installs successfully.
  • pollr-widget--minimized
    added when the widget is minimized.
  • pollr-widget--maximized
    added when the widget is maximized.

Widget controls

Control the widget programatically.

  • run
    initializes and shows the widget. Useful when the autoRun setting is off.
  • show
    shows the widget.
  • close
    closes the widget.
  • minimize
    minimizes the widget.
  • maximize
    maximizes the widget.

Run widget on first page load.

_plr.push(['onInitialize', function(api, state) { api.widget.run(); }]);

Turbolinks example

document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', function() {

Single page apps

Initialize the widget in single page apps, that might replace the whole body tag.

  • Make sure to run
    on the first page load.
  • Then run
    again after every page change. This will differ depending on your framework.
  • Sometimes you might need to check if the widget has finished initializing before using the widget's API. You can check that by using
    if (typeof POLLR !== 'undefined') { // Some code }